WAL-G for FoundationDB

Work in progress

You can use wal-g as a tool for encrypting, compressing FoundationDB backups and push/fetch them to/from storage.



Command for sending backup from storage to stream in order to restore it in the database.

wal-g backup-fetch example_backup

Variable WALG_STREAM_RESTORE_COMMAND is required for use backup-fetch (eg. TMP_DIR=$(mktemp -d) && chmod 777 $TMP_DIR && tar -xf - -C $TMP_DIR && BACKUP_DIR=$(find $TMP_DIR -mindepth 1 -print -quit) && fdbrestore start -r file://$BACKUP_DIR -w --dest_cluster_file "/etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster" 1>&2)

WAL-G can also fetch the latest backup using:

wal-g backup-fetch LATEST


Command for compressing, encrypting and sending backup from stream to storage.

wal-g backup-push

Variable WALG_STREAM_CREATE_COMMAND is required for use backup-push (eg. TMP_DIR=$(mktemp -d) && chmod 777 $TMP_DIR && fdbbackup start -d file://$TMP_DIR -w 1>&2 && tar -c -C $TMP_DIR .)