WAL-G for Windows

Building Windows executable on Linux

See here for available GOOS and GOARCH values.

Go version >= 1.5 Since Go version 1.5 cross-compiling of pure Go executables has become very easy.

  • export GOOS=windows
  • export GOARCH=amd64

  • make install

  • make deps
  • make sqlserver_build

  • mv main/sqlserver/wal-g{,.exe}

Development on Windows


To develop wal-g on windows you can use WSL:


  • Now you can open wal-g project in Windows. Path for your WSL (if it's ubuntu 16.04 lts) is C:/Users/<WindowsUserName>/AppData/Local/Packages/CanonicalGroupLimited.Ubuntu16.04onWindows_79rhkp1fndgsc/LocalState/rootfs/home/<WSLUserName>